Rank Tracker API

This API is built to check positions of keywords in the search engines. 

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The functionality of Rank Tracker API has been incorporated into SERP API v3.

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Check our blog post and v3 documentation for more info.

Note that Rank Tracker API will not be deprecated, so you can keep using it for as long as it is convenient for you.

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Simple API

Our API is very simple. You don’t need to create projects, add keywords or something else. Just pull us a keyword, a domain, a search engine and get your result. Simple, as 1-2-3.

Predictable cost

With our API you will always know how much you’ll pay. Our pay-as-you-go pricing model is simple and transparent.

Understandable stats

You’ll get access to your personal cabinet where you can see the API usage in real-time. Also, you are able to see the dynamics of API usage for the selected period.

Friendly support

We will assist you during the whole period of testing and integration. It can be Skype/Slack chat or email. As you wish.

Key features

All locations worldwide are supported
All devices (including Mobile) are supported
Google Maps / Google Map pack is supported
Fantastic accuracy and speed

API methods and cost

Priority Avg. turnaround time Price per task, $ Price per 1000 tasks, $
Live up to 11 seconds 0.003 3
High up to 1 minute 0.0015 1.5
Standard up to 45 minutes 0.00075 0.75

Looking for big volumes or custom pricing? Drop us a line!

Clear stats.
Understandable charts.
Your API usage under control.

In your personal cabinet you’ll get informative graphs, where you can see all the stats – API usage. Also, you will see your current balance and ability to load funds. All in one place.

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Rank tracking API

Rank Tracker API features

We know what you expect to get. And we have all features that will satisfy your needs.

Fantastic speed. On the average, it takes 30 seconds to return a result.

Unlimited capacity. We handle 10 millions tracked keywords daily. And it isn't a limit.

All search engines and locations. We support Google, Google Mobile, Bing. And we can track all locations.

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Google keywords ranking API: what businesses our API is best for and usage cases

With our Rank Tracker API you can track Google keyword positions and use them in your application or CRM.
There are a lot of different usage examples for Google search API; we will list a few main business types that use API for checking of Google keyword rankings.

1. SEO-software companies. The main part of any SEO-software application is keyword position checker tool. Keeping infrastructure for tracking positions of keywords is a pretty hard and expensive thing – you need to hold thousands of proxies or proxy-rotators, organize infrastructure, hire a lot of developers and so on. More convenient way to get keywords ranking data that you need is to use our solution: Google keyword position tracker API. You’ll get all data on-demand for a great price. If you are an SEO-software company – you can try our solution.

2. SEO-companies. The basic thing that any SEO-company targets with any customer are keywords rankings. You may have your own CRM or application that you use with your team to track customers’ KPIs, so you need to get Google search rankings. You can waste a lot of time and try to set up some proxies or rotators, but probably, the best way to get this data is to use DataForSEO: Google and other search engines position checker API.

3. Marketing tools. Google position tracker API can be used for different types of marketing tools: some of our customers use it in the content analytics, domain score analyzers and so on. Keep working on your brilliant ideas, and we will provide you the application with Google search data API that you need.


DataForSEO Google API for keyword position check: how we differ

The main things that differ our solution from others are perfect support (which includes help with an implementation), accurate data (you will get the exact positions for your keywords that you can see if you use Google AdWords preview tools) and stability (our Google API ranking checker has been tested and it works perfectly).
Also, we support such powerful features as pingback and postback – we will push a ready result to your URL.
So if you are looking for a reliable keywords rankings data API provider, you have already found the best solution for your application! Just try it for free, and you will see how we can help your business.


How to check keywords rankings in the search engines using API: a few steps to complete

When we develop our API, we follow the principles that would build a flexible and universal solution. In our API you don’t need to create any projects or something else. Just send your targeted keyword, a search engine that you’re interested in, location (we support all locations worldwide) to the API endpoint, and in a few moments your result will be ready. Very simple and flexible. Try it for free today! No credit card required!

Sample API response

  1. Request Sample:

  2. Example (POST https://api.dataforseo.com/v2/rnk_tasks_post)
  3. {
  4. "data":
  5. {
  6. "post ID":
  7. {
  8. "site":"dataforseo.com",
  9. "se_name":"google.co.uk",
  10. "se_language":"English",
  11. "loc_name_canonical":"London,England,United Kingdom",
  12. "key":"seo data api"
  13. }
  14. }
  15. }
  16. Response Sample:

  17. Example (GET https://api.dataforseo.com/v2/rnk_tasks_get/$task_id)
  18. https://api.dataforseo.com/v2/rnk_tasks_get/4642750263
  19. {
  20. "status": "ok",
  21. "results_time": "0.0952 sec.",
  22. "results_count": 1,
  23. "results": {
  24. "organic": [
  25. {
  26. "post_id": "post ID",
  27. "task_id": 4642750263,
  28. "se_id": 22,
  29. "loc_id": 1006886,
  30. "key_id": 62845222,
  31. "post_key": "seo data api",
  32. "post_site": "dataforseo.com",
  33. "result_datetime": "2019-08-08 17:03:50 +03:00",
  34. "result_position": 1,
  35. "result_url": "https://dataforseo.com/",
  36. "result_title": "SEO software API ⓴⓳. API for agencies. Best SEO data API provider.",
  37. "result_snippet_extra": "",
  38. "result_snippet": "DataForSEO ➤➤➤ SEO Software API ➤➤➤ SEO API data Provider built for SEO-Software companies and agencies. ✓✓✓ Great Speed, Clear Stats, Simple ...",
  39. "results_count": 34000000,
  40. "result_extra": "people_also_ask,videos,related_search",
  41. "result_spell": "",
  42. "result_spell_type": "",
  43. "result_se_check_url": "https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=seo%20data%20api&num=100&hl=en&gl=GB&gws_rd=cr&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&uule=w+CAIQIFISCXXeIa8LoNhHEZkq1d1aOpZS"
  44. }
  45. ],
  46. "paid": []
  47. }
  48. }

Questions & Answers

Do you offer a sandbox?

Yes, we do offer a sandbox for testing our services and configuring your systems to work with our data. However, you can currently use it with SERP API, Rank Tracker API, and Keyword Data API only. You can send sandbox requests to the supported APIs through the following URL: https://sandbox.dataforseo.com/
Note that API responses in the sandbox are automatically generated samples and thus don’t reflect the content of API requests.

What Search Engines do Rank Tracker API support?

Rank Tracker API support Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. In order to receive the full list of supported Search Engines, you will need to sign up first and then set a task following the instructions on this web page.
You will receive JSON array whose results field includes the list of available search engines.

Do you have limitations on the number of concurrent calls I can make to your APIs?

Yes, we do. There is the of 1000 calls per minute. However, our system is flexible, and it is possible to increase the number on your request.

What countries and locations do Rank Tracker API cover?

We use the Google Geographical Targeting. In other words, the APIs cover all locations supported by Google. Besides, we provide rankings from the Google Maps and the Map Pack.
In order to check the list of the available location, you can follow the link. There you will find the list on a web page. Alternatively, you can send a request to our API following the instructions on this page. In this case, you get a JSON array whose field results is the list of the available location.

Is data you provide real-time?

Yes, it is. What happens is you make an API call and our server checks and reports the result back. In other words, data is delivered in real-time for a specified search engine, language, and location.

Do you provide a trial period?

Yes, we do. In fact, we offer an unlimited trial period. On signing up, you’ll get access to the free Sandbox feature and receive a $1 credit on your balance, which you can use to test our service.

Ready to start? Test our API for free!