Competitor data API

This API is built to check traffic amount of a competitor website and its sources.

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Simple API

Our API is very simple. You don’t need to create projects, add keywords or something else. Just pull us a domain and get estimation of its traffic amount and traffic sources. Simple, as 1-2-3.

Predictable cost

With our API you will always know how much you’ll pay. Every task set to the Competitor data API costs 10 credits. No tricks.

Understandable stats

You’ll get access to your personal cabinet where you can see the API usage in real-time. Also, you are able to see the dynamics of API usage for the selected period.

Friendly support

We will assist you during the whole period of testing and integration. It can be Skype/Slack chat or email. As you wish.

Key features

SimilarWeb is used as a source
Estimated traffic analysis for a domain
6 months traffic estimation history
Estimated bounce rate, avg. time on site for a domain

Calculate Your Costs

Competitor data API costs 10 credits for 1 domain checking. You can calculate how much it will cost to track your number of domains.

0 checked domainss
Of the selected number of requests to the Competitor data API
$ 0

Clear stats. Understandable charts. Your API usage under control.

In your personal cabinet you’ll get informative graphs where you can see all the stats of API usage. Also, you will be able to check your current balance and load funds there. All in one place.

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Competitors data API features

We know what you expect to get. And we have all features that will satisfy your needs.

Fantastic speed. On the average, it takes only few seconds to return a result.

Get information about traffic and its sources.

Get information about bounce rates, avg. time on site and number of pageviews.

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