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Content Marketing Suite Streamlines Content Creation With DataForSEO API [Success Story]



“DataForSEO is an organization that, although based on a technological platform, offers a very fast and functional help desk support. We get very good feedback from our customers.”

Filippo Rancan, Director at Content Marketplace LTD, Contentmarketingsuite’s owning company


About CMS

Since 2013 Content Marketing Suite has been delivering high-quality content to its clients. On its platform e-marketers can manage the entire content life cycle: creation, translation, and distribution. CMS’s mission is to become the only one-stop shop for content marketing strategies.

Business Challenge started out as a content marketplace back in 2013. However, as the company’s customer base expanded, the team realized they could be delivering more value to its customers.

Following the vision of its management team and numerous clients’ request, Content Marketing Suite decided to pivot towards developing a SaaS solution that would simplify the initial phase of content creation. At the same time, this solution would also supply CMS’s copywriters with a valid tool to optimize their content in terms of SEO.

As Filippo Rancan, Director at Content Marketplace LTD, pointed out: “Creating a good article is only the beginning. You will need to make sure that the right audience sees it. That is exactly what we do.”

Given that the development of such solutions usually requires an enormous amount of time and money, finding a reliable third-party source of necessary SEO data was the company’s only option.

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