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Getting ASIN Numbers For Products In Bulk Is Hard? A Piece of Cake With DataForSEO Amazon API!

Amazon API has a very convenient feature that allows getting a list of ASINs by specifying just one ASIN of a particular product. Using Amazon ASIN endpoint, you can get all the “subsidiary ASINs” which is really exciting!

How to get ASIN number from Amazon? How do you find an ASIN number? What on earth does the ASIN mean?

You might have asked yourself these questions recently. Well, in just 2 minutes we will not only answer these questions but also help you extract the ASIN number for any product you want.

What is ASIN?

ASIN stands for Amazon Standard Identification Number. It’s a number assigned by Amazon to any product that is listed within the platform. You can easily find the ASIN number in the URL and product description.


How to get ASIN number from Amazon?

Ready to proceed to make your first call? Before you do that you can check out the docs on how to use Amazon API and learn about all the technical aspects of it.

  1. Open your Postman application.
  2. Download the postman examples from our API docs.
  3. Import the .json file into Postman.
  4. Click on Merchant API and look for the amazon/asin/tasks_post.
  5. Fill in your credentials (login and password) after registering in our system to get $1 for free testing. After that, navigate to the “Body” section to see the code.
  6. Copy the ASIN number from Amazon website and replace the number in the example in the “Body” Section.
  7. Click send and scroll down to get your id.
  8. Copy the id and navigate to amazon/asin/tasks_get/advanced in the left column of your screen.
  9. Replace the task_id at the top. Enter your credentials one more time and hit the “Send” button to get the response.
  10. Get the response. You’ll see the whole list of ASINs for a particular product.
  11. Response Sample
        "version": "0.1.20200422",
        "status_code": 20000,
        "status_message": "Ok.",
        "time": "0.1325 sec.",
        "cost": 0,
        "tasks_count": 1,
        "tasks_error": 0,
        "tasks": [
                "id": "04271940-1535-0192-0000-4b086a2b0eee",
                "status_code": 20000,
                "status_message": "Ok.",
                "time": "0.0419 sec.",
                "cost": 0,
                "result_count": 1,
                "path": [
                "data": {
                    "se_type": "shopping",
                    "api": "merchant",
                    "function": "asin",
                    "se": "amazon",
                    "priority": 2,
                    "language_code": "en_US",
                    "location_code": 2840,
                    "asin": "B0756FCPPN",
                    "device": "desktop",
                    "os": "windows"
                "result": [
                        "asin": "B0756FCPPN",
                        "type": "shopping",
                        "se_domain": "",
                        "location_code": 2840,
                        "language_code": "en_US",
                        "check_url": "",
                        "datetime": "2020-04-27 16:40:50 +00:00",
                        "item_types": [
                        "items_count": 1,
                        "items": [
                                "type": "amazon_product_info",
                                "rank_group": 1,
                                "rank_absolute": 1,
                                "position": "left",
                                "xpath": "/#document",
                                "title": "Skechers Men's Classic Fit-Delson-Camden Sneaker",
                                "details": "Product Dimensions: 10 x 15 x 6 inches\nShipping Weight: 2 pounds ( View shipping rates and policies )\nASIN: B07568JYPN\nItem model number: 65474W\nDate first listed on Amazon: November 26, 2011",
                                "image_url": "",
                                "author": "Skechers",
                                "data_asin": "B0756FCPPN",
                                "parent_asin": "B07568JYPN",
                                "product_asins": [
                                "price_from": 37.5,
                                "price_to": 95.39,
                                "currency": "USD",
                                "is_amazon_choice": true,
                                "rating": {
                                    "type": "rating_element",
                                    "position": "left",
                                    "rating_type": "Max5",
                                    "value": "4.6",
                                    "votes_count": 4318,
                                    "rating_max": "5"

Wait for a second, haven’t you tried it yet? No? Stop scrolling through the article, and try it yourself!


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