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GloriaFood incorporates enhanced analytics with SERP API [Success Story]


“Super! Love you guys, also thanks for pro-actively reaching out whenever we have errors.”
Oliver Auerbach, the CEO of GloriaFood

About GloriaFood
GloriaFood is an online food ordering system and website builder, which can be used for food delivery and pickup. It allows restaurants to post a food menu on their websites or Facebook pages to receive orders in live mode. With its simple UX and freemium business model, GloriaFood had managed to become a leading solution for small and middle restaurants.

Business Challenge

Although GloriaFood started out as ‘simple’ food delivery system, they quickly realized that customers could clearly use something more than software for managing online orders, notably, they needed a tool to leverage a wave of potential clients looking for food online.

However, restaurant owners face a lot of issues when going online and while the automated ordering system can solve some of them, GloriaFood had to come up with more solutions. Opportunities for new features included a user-friendly website builder and performance dashboard, but the company did not have a reliable data source to provide a complete overview of customers’ websites performance. The data on the website’s positions for targeted keywords is locked inside the Google Search Console and cannot be easily incorporated by third-party software. What’s more, requiring customers to install the Search Console code would’ve slowed down or even prevented them from onboarding. Consequently, the company needed another way to access ranking data.

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