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Keyword Finder API Update: Meet New Locations And Languages!

We are happy to announce that our Keyword Finder API is growing! The new 64 locations and 33 languages have been added to make your keyword research even broader and more precise.

Previously, we had only 5 locations and 2 languages that were not giving as many opportunities and configurations as the expanded list now.

You can find the whole list of locations right on the Keyword Finder API page, or you can also check our updated API documentation.

Keyword Finder API

Keyword Finder API extracts data directly from SERPs which can be used in building powerful keyword research tools. Keyword research still plays one of the most important roles in SEO.

Keyword Finder is one of the must-have tools for building SEO software. Keyword Finder API includes an amazing set of keyword parameters that digital marketers, data scientists, and SEO agencies utilize for a variety of purposes.

For example, our API can be used for making a consumer interest analysis for a particular product in a certain region. It can also be used to complement the forecasting practices such as for the popularity of products, ideas, services, etc. worldwide or in a targeted state or region. Only the mind is the limit.

Our keyword Finder API offers 5 different types of keywords for comprehensive data extraction. The value that the combination of these tools provides can be found on the Keyword Finder API page. If you are interested in learning more about prices you can check our Pricing page. You can also try it for free!

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