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theWebShed boost innovation in SEO software with DataForSEO APIs [Success Story]


“DataForSEO have been great to work with right from the start. They offer a wide range of different APIs and are constantly adding to their offerings. They are always on hand to help with any questions or queries that we have. I would recommend to anyone looking for SEO data.”

Kieran Headley, Director at theWebShed

About theWebShed
theWebShed is an all-in-one SEO solution for SEO agencies and freelancers that helps to oversee every aspect of search engine optimization while also not spending a fortune on expensive tools. The range of its features includes competitor audits, backlinks, keyword tracker, onsite auditor, citation audits, report builder, reputation monitoring, and an innovative onsite optimizer.

Business Challenge

Building the all-in-one SEO software solution comes at a price, and the team of theWebShed knows this only too well. Having launched eight separate services over the past several years, they quickly realized that the cost of data required for rolling out new features is overwhelming.

At the same time, trends in the search engine optimization industry are constantly evolving. Too many solutions that were effective just a year ago have already turned out outdated and irrelevant. As a consequence, companies working in the field of SEO software development face permanent pressure from users to revise their offerings and add new features.

So, on the one hand, theWebShed were facing pressure to catch up with the market and update features, while on the other hand, they couldn’t cope with the high costs of SEO data necessary for doing so. The only solution that could help them avoid being put between a rock and a hard place would be finding a trustworthy source of affordable SEO data.

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