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Can I get more than 100 results with SERP API?

If you need to obtain more than 100 results for a search query, you should use the depth parameter in the body of your POST request, and specify the necessary number of search results in it. The maximum value you can specify in the depth parameter is 700. However this limit is a theoretical maximum.

Note that in DataForSEO SERP API, your account is billed per each SERP. The number of results considered a single SERP depends on the selected search engine.

Your account is billed for every 100 results of:

Using the search engine types below, you will be billed for a different number of results:

Whatever search engine you use, the cost of tasks with the depth parameter set above default will result in additional charges if the search engine returns more than the default number of results.

For example, if you specify "depth": 150 using Google Organic SERP API, you will be billed for two full SERPs. That is to say, the cost of 150 results and 200 results will be the same since we are charging per SERP, and one Google Organic SERP in the DataForSEO system is counted as 100 results.

In case the specified depth is exceeding the number of results in the response, the difference will be automatically refunded to your account balance. For example, if you specify “depth”: 150, but the search engine returns 100 results or less, we will refund the sum charged for the results above 100 to your account.

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