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What is ASIN in Amazon API?

Amazon uses ASINsAmazon Standard Identification Numbers – to keep its product catalog organized. ASIN is an alphanumeric code of ten digits that serves as a product identifier.

Importantly, ASIN does not apply to all products. There’s one exception – printed books get an ISBN, International Standard Book Number.

For all other products, including audiobooks, Amazon assigns an ASIN. When a seller places a product on Amazon, they pick an existing ASIN from the Amazon catalog under which the product should appear. By doing so, they share an ASIN with other retailers offering the product. If a product is unique and there is no existing ASIN for it on the Amazon catalog, a seller can create a new single ASIN.

Note that an ASIN of the same product may differ by location. In other words, the same item sold on and may have different ASINs for the two corresponding locations.

In DataForSEO Amazon Merchant API, once you set a task to Amazon Products, you will find ASINs in the response of the GET endpoint.

Example: "data_asin": "B085RFFC9Q"

You can then use the value from the “data_asin” field to obtain more information about the product and its sellers:

For more information about ASINs on the Amazon marketplace, please refer to the Amazon Seller Central.

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