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DataForSEO Dashboard: how to find everything and more

Here at DataForSEO, we offer a GUI for API usage control. Using a simple interface, you can easily find everything you need: from account balance info to cost per endpoint, data samples for databases, and an API Playground.

What’s the difference between an account password and an API password?

After you create an account with DataForSEO, our system will automatically generate a secure API password you should use for making requests to DataForSEO API.

Note that the API password is different from your account password.

Account password is created by you when you register as a new DataForSEO user and is meant for logging into the DataForSEO Dashboard – a graphic user interface for API usage control, account data, and account funds management.

API password is automatically created by our system and is meant for authentication when making calls to our API.

Learn more about Authentication in our docs >>

Where can I find my API credentials?

Once you log in to DataForSEO Dashboard, you will be taken to the API Dashboard section, where you’ll see your API credentials.

Note, that your API login will be visible, while your API password will be hidden for security reasons.

API password is visible for the first 24 hours after registration. If you need it later, you can request the password by hitting “Send by e-mail” and the password will be sent to the email address you used to create an account with DataForSEO.

Where can I check my account balance?

Go to API Settings, and select API limits. Your current account balance and Backlinks API subscription status will be displayed there. If you want to get detailed information about your spendings, you should head to the API Usage section.

Where can I monitor my spending/API usage?

The API Usage section of DataForSEO Dashboard is designed for showing you detailed information about your spendings per API and endpoint. You can find the ID for each task you have set, and the task’s cost in the table below the expenses chart.

Where can I find IDs of the tasks that returned an error?

The API Errors section will show you the tasks and task IDs of unsuccessful requests that returned an error. You can also find the error codes and messages our system returned for these tasks.

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