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What is the difference between the Live and Standard methods?

DataForSEO has two main methods to deliver the data you requested: Standard and Live.

If your system requires delivering instant results, the Live method is the best solution for you. Unlike the Standard method, it doesn’t require making separate POST and GET requests to the corresponding endpoints.

If you don’t need to receive data in real-time, you can use the Standard method of data retrieval. This method requires making separate POST and GET requests, but it’s more affordable.

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Worth pointing out, if you are using SERP API, the Standard method is more efficient for scaling. The thing is, using the Live method, you will have to keep the connection between your servers and our system open up to the moment when the data is ready. On average, it takes up to 6 seconds. Yet, if you make a vast number of requests to our API, it may take longer than that. Given this, large-scale companies working with SERP API usually find the Standard method with High priority a better fit for their growing needs.

Note the Standard method has two different priorities of that stand for the relative speed of task execution and have different prices:

1. Normal priority
2. High priority

With both normal or high priority of the Standard method, you can retrieve the results after our system collects them. Alternatively, you can specify pingback_url or postback_url when setting a task, and we will notify you upon the completion of tasks or send the results to you respectively.

If you use the postback_url field with SERP API, you should also indicate the function that will be applied for data retrieval: regular, advanced, or HTML.

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