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  • Can I get organic competition/keyword difficulty?

    Organic (or SEO) competition, also referred to as Keyword Difficulty, indicates the relative competition level in SERP for the target keyword and accordingly suggests if it will be easy or tough to rank there.

    Unfortunately, DataForSEO API does not offer Organic Competition. The thing is, a number of factors that have to be considered to calculate this metric depend on backlink data, which we haven’t released yet. However, the DataForSEO team is working hard on the Backlinks API, and we will be pleased to inform you once it is available. Having backlink data at hand, you will be able to calculate the Organic Competition/Keyword Difficulty for the necessary keywords.

    As of now, we do offer the Competition metric based on paid search data from Google Ads. The Competition value is a decimal number in the range between 0 and 1 (inclusive), with 1 corresponding to the highest level of competition for the associated keyword.

    You can find the Competition metric in responses of Google Keyword Data API and DataForSEO Labs API, as well as in our Keyword Databases.