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  • Do you offer organic/paid/referral traffic data?

    Yes, we do. DataForSEO can supply you with organic, paid, and referral traffic values for any website with over 5,000 monthly visitors through Traffic Analytics API. In fact, this API provides more than just traffic stats. It will deliver the following granular data on a website:

    • Its global, country, and category rank
    • Total number of visits
    • Bounce rate
    • Traffic by countries
    • Referral and social traffic
    • Top 5 organic and paid keywords
    • Mobile apps related to the site
    • Websites similar to the analyzed one

    This data is especially useful for running competitor analysis and market intelligence campaigns. To power up your competitor research, you can also combine Traffic Analytics stats with other data on rival websites, such as keywords two domains rank for in one SERP, and historical data on domain’s rank and traffic.

    Learn more in our docs >>