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How to get search results published some time ago?

Using DataForSEO SERP API, it is possible to apply additional search parameters, such as an index time frame you wish to retrieve search results for.

To get search results published some time ago, add the “search_param” field to the body of your POST request and specify a timeframe indicator in it – &tbs=qdr:x

Note that you should replace x with one of the following time frame indicators to only see the results first indexed in:

For example, here’s how your POST request should be structured for getting results published and indexed in the past year:

        "language_name": "English (United Kingdom)",
        "location_name": "London,England,United Kingdom",
        "keyword": "rank checker",

You can learn more about using the index time frame and more parameters with Google SERP API in this article on DataForSEO blog.

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