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What’s a webhook delay? How to set a delay for sending pingbacks and postbacks?

Webhook is an alternative name for what we call a postback or a pingback (callback) at DataForSEO. Pingback sends a notification to your server when the task is completed. Postback sends the results of a task to your server once they are ready.

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A webhook delay defines a minimum time window that should pass before our system can send the next webhook to your server. For example, if a webhook delay is set to 100 milliseconds, we’ll send you the first webhook once the task is completed, and then each subsequent webhook will be sent when 100 milliseconds pass after the previous sending.

If you set a webhook delay, it will apply to all tasks with webhooks (pingbacks and postbacks) in all endpoints under your entire account.

To set a Webhook delay, follow the step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Log in to the DataForSEO Dashboard.
  2. Go to API Settings.
  3. Select API Limits.
  4. Under Custom settings, find the Webhook delay. Specify the minimum amount of time our system should wait before sending each subsequent pingback/postback. Then hit Save.

Note that the maximum possible delay is 1,000 milliseconds (1 second). The minimum possible delay is 50 milliseconds (0,05 seconds). The value you specify must be a multiple of 100.

Once the delay is set, an average time for webhook sending may slightly increase. If a webhook is ready for sending, but cannot be sent at that moment due to the specified webhook delay, then the corresponding webhook will be transferred to the end of the sending queue.

Also, a webhook delay is applied to a task with a webhook at the moment the task is set. For example, a Webhook delay in your account is set to 1,000 ms, and you set 100 tasks with webhooks. The sending queue of the corresponding webhooks will be determined by the 1,000-milliseconds delay, even if you change the configuration in your account before the set tasks are completed.

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