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What is the source of data provided by Business Listings API and Business Listings Database?

Business Listings Database encompasses millions of point-of-interest (POI) records from Google My Business and Google Maps platforms. POIs are real-world locations put on a map that people may find interesting. Each record contains public details of a business entity, including its service description, location details, contacts, domain, rating, work hours, and popular hours.

Business Listing data is scraped from Business Profiles, where businesses, products, brands, and organizations manage their online presence with Google. Business owners can establish and complete their Google listing by sharing photos, business hours, a link to their website, and real-time updates. Listings are also where customers learn about a business, leave reviews, and share pictures of their experience with products or services.

Business Listings API provides a fast and easy way to manage vast listings data at a reasonable price. You can receive instant results directly from DataForSEO Business Listings Database in the specified categories. In addition, you can use filters and other sorting parameters to get the most relevant results.

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