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How to get Search Volume data for a specific city or coordinates?

Using Keyword Data API, you can obtain granular Search Volume and other metrics down to a city level. However, if you specify coordinates – the data will be provided for the country these coordinates belong to.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to get Search Volume for specific coordinates due to Google Ads restrictions. Ads has a finite list of supported location types, and accordingly, DataForSEO Google Ads API can provide you with data for the same location types only:

‘Autonomous Community’, ‘Canton’, ‘City’, ‘Congressional District’, ‘Country’, ‘County’, ‘Department’, ‘Governorate’, ‘Municipality’, ‘Prefecture’, ‘Province’, ‘Region’, ‘State’, ‘Territory’, ‘Union Territory’.

You can review the full list of supported locations for Google in our docs.

If you are interested in Bing Ads API, you can also get Search Volume and other keyword metrics precise down to a city level. Similarly, if you use the "location_coordinate" parameter, you will receive data for the country the coordinates are in. You can check the full list of supported locations for Bing in our docs.

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