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How to check time on site/number of page views/bounce rate of competitor websites?

You can obtain the values indicating the average time a user spends on a website, the average number of pages viewed during a session, as well as bounce rate percentage using Domain Analytics SimilarWeb API.

Once you set a task and collect the results, you will see the required traffic and engagement metrics for desktop and mobile devices in total in the audience array, as shown in the data sample below.

  "audience": {
    "visits": 13635194,
    "time_on_site_avg": "00:00:46",
    "page_views_avg": 1.2042879490756975,
    "bounce_rate": 85.01

Besides this data, Domain Analytics SimilarWeb API will supply you with:

  • Website’s traffic by country
  • Direct, organic, paid, and referral traffic volume
  • Top organic keywords by traffic volume
  • Competitors and sites similar to the target domain

Note that you can data on any website with more than 5,000 monthly visitors.

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