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Why has my account been blocked for suspicious activity? Can you unblock it?

If you have received an API response with “status_code”: 40201, this means our algorithms found suspicious activity in your DataForSEO account, and it has been temporarily blocked. Once your account is suspended, you are not allowed to access your account dashboard or use any of the DataForSEO APIs.

Generally, it happens if you have created several trial accounts with DataForSEO or violated DataForSEO Terms of Service in some other way.

If you have indeed registered for the DataForSEO trial multiple times, all your trial accounts will be blocked, except for the first one you have created. You can still access the DataForSEO Dashboard and use our services through your first trial account.

Note that in case you don’t find the free funds on your initial trial account sufficient for testing our services, there is no need to create another account. Please, reach out to us, and we will help you to find a suitable solution.

If you are absolutely confident that you have registered for the DataForSEO trial only once, please contact our support team via this form or chat, and we will resolve this issue.

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