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Average Rating in Yelp Reviews API!

March,14 2023 14:28:09

Business Data API
Average Rating in Yelp Reviews API!

We’re glad to share the first update of this week!

Using the Yelp Reviews endpoint of our Business Data API, you can now retrieve the business’s average rating based on all of its reviews.

Here’s an example of how this data appears in the result array:

  "keyword": "vatos-urban-tacos-singapore",
  "alias": "vatos-urban-tacos-singapore",
  "type": "yelp_reviews",
  "se_domain": "yelp.com",
  "location_code": null,
  "language_code": "en",
  "check_url": "https://yelp.com/biz/vatos-urban-tacos-singapore?q=&sort_by=rating_desc&rl=en",
  "datetime": "2021-11-12 15:47:05 +00:00",
  "title": "Vatos Urban Tacos",
  "rating": {
    "rating_type": "Max5",
    "value": 4,
    "votes_count": 93,
    "rating_max": 5
  "reviews_count": 88,
  "items_count": 10,
  "items": [...]

This improvement aims to standardize responses across all Business Data API sources where reviews are available: Google, Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, and Yelp.

The addition of this new feature to Yelp responses will allow you to easily obtain and display the average rating of a business from Yelp or across several review platforms.

Don’t hesitate to check the new response structure in our documentation.

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