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How long does DataforSEO keep the results of a task after its completion?

When you set a task using the Standard method, the task results are kept for 30 days. You can retrieve the results of the task from our system using the corresponding GET endpoint and the task ID. In case you have already collected the results, you can get them again repeatedly within 30 days without restrictions.

If you use the Live method and your project requires keeping the results for some time, you should store the retrieved data on your side. Unfortunately, we do not keep the results of Live tasks, so you can only get them once. By the same token, if you set a task to APIs/endpoints that support the Live method only, e.g. On-Page API Instant Pages, Backlinks API, or DataForSEO Labs API, we will not store the results.

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About SERP API task results

First off, note that when you are using the SERP API, we scan the SERP and retrieve the data once the task is set, and not at the time you collect the results. In other words, if you collect the results by task ID 25 days after you have set the task, the SERP data you get won’t be fresh, it will be 25 days old. In case you want to obtain fresh SERP results for the same parameters at that point, you will need to set a new task with those same parameters, and we will deliver up-to-the-moment data for you.

Secondly, there are several SERP API endpoints for which the storing mechanisms are different.

1 HTML results of SERP API tasks set using the Standard method are kept for 7 days only. Once you set a task, you can collect its results and retrieve them repeatedly within the next 7 days.

2 When using the Page Screenshot endpoint, you can call it any time within a 7-day period from the date of setting a task with a relevant Task POST endpoint. Importantly, once you call the Page Screenshot using a task ID, the URL to the page screenshot saved on the DataForSEO storage will only remain accessible for one day. Therefore, we highly recommend collecting the images from the task results and saving them on your storage on the same day you call the Page Screenshot endpoint.

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