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Top thousand websites

Discover The Traffic History of The Top 1000 Sites Worldwide

The table below contains the top 1000 websites with the highest organic traffic volume from Google and Bing across 75 countries and plots their traffic history over time. The data sources for this table are our extensive Google and Bing databases with over 495 million Google SERPs and over 49 million Bing SERPs enriched with traffic insights. Relying on the stats in this table, you can compare leading websites by their estimated organic traffic volume.

The table data is automatically updated every 90 days.

Explore The Most Visited Sites by Category in the US and 74 More Countries

By default, the table below lists the top 1000 websites worldwide based on Google or Bing Search. However, it can also provide you with regional stats and niche-specific insights for free. Select a country and category from the drop-down lists above the table and hit Search to see the top 1000 websites and their traffic trends in a particular niche and location.

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About the data in this table:

  • Domain corresponds to a domain name.
  • Estimated organic traffic displays the approximate number of website visits for the latest available month. Estimated organic traffic is calculated based on our proprietary formula.
  • History plots the estimated volume of monthly website visitors over a timeline graph.

Uncover Organic Traffic of Any Website For Free

Obtain accurate data on any website of your choice using DataForSEO Labs API. You can check the monthly search traffic volume of up to 1000 domains, subdomains, or webpages in bulk and receive separate values for organic and paid search, featured snippet, and local pack results using the Bulk Traffic Estimation endpoint. What’s more, you can leverage the Historical Rank Overview endpoint to go back in time up to the year 2020 and review ranking and traffic history trends for any domain.

api explorer bulk traffic estimation

To get all of this data for free, register with DataForSEO and head to the DataForSEO Labs section of our API Explorer. Then, make a request to the endpoint of your choice by selecting it under Functions.

In the request settings, indicate a target domain(s) and set other parameters if necessary.


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