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DataForSEO API Connector makes big search engine data accessible to everyone. Built-in formulas, ready-to-use scripts, and user-friendly UI save time and produce results within minutes. And the best part is, you don’t have to write a single line of code!

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Developing a well-rounded solution for drawing insights from search engine data can take a lot of time. By integrating SERP data with Google Sheets you will be able to get data-driven insights with no need to invest in developing custom software.

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Step 1: Get a DataForSEO Account

Start with registering an account with us. You will recieve the API login and password required for accessing the Connector for Google Sheets and get an opportunity to test our service for free.


Step 2: Import DataForSEO Connector

Click a button below and make a copy to access all the features of DataForSEO Connector for Google Sheets.


Step 3: Use your API credentials

You will have to use API login and password, which you can find in your account dashboard. Note that they are different from your DataForSEO account credentials.


Step 4: Start Exploring!

DataForSEO API Connector is the bridge between your Google Sheets and some of the most powerful SEO APIs available in the market. We tried to make it as straightforward as possible, but you may still want to check our docs to learn about all its capabilites.

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