Merchant API
Power-up your ecommerce analytics with Amazon and Google Shopping data
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Get full access to product and pricing data from Amazon and Google Shopping listings


Merchant API provides a full overview of Google Shopping and Amazon results pages.

Geo targeting

We can provide accurate data from around the world – down to the specific ZIP code or GPS coordinates.

Sellers data

Using DataForSEO you can easily analyse specifications, prices and other product data across different sellers.

Google Shopping API

Get access to Google Shopping product catalog data

Enhance your ecommerce analytics capabilities with accurate and up-to-date data from Google Shopping listings.

Search for, compare, and analyze products and merchants at scale.

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Amazon API

Structured Amazon product and pricing data

Get information about the products and sellers in Amazon listings for any location and language.

Compare product prices and specifications in different stores and fetch a list of product modifications – we have all the data you need to take your ecommerce analytics to a whole new level.

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Operational resilence

Our APIs are reliable, scalable, and secure by default

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“DataForSEO saves us time, money and resources by eliminating the need to scrape every little thing in-house. This frees up our developers to work on core features that deliver impactful value to our clients. Thanks for creating such a great service!”

Blake Acheson, Founder of AgencyAnalytics

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Merchant API Pricing

Google Shopping

Standard Priority

Avg. turnaround time
up to 45 minutes
$ 0.001 task
$ 1 1000 tasks

High Priority

Avg. turnaround time
up to 1 minute
$ 0.002 task
$ 2 1000 tasks


Standard Priority

Avg. turnaround time
up to 45 minutes
$ 0.0015 task
$ 1.5 1000 tasks

High priority

Avg. turnaround time
up to 1 minute
$ 0.003 task
$ 3 1000 tasks

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Merchant API in figures

Release in days, not weeks

Moving a product to the market or integrating a new data source can take a lot of time and money. We accelerate this process by providing everything you need to build an efficient solution.

Well-rounded documentation


GUI for API usage control


Ad hoc integration and deployment support

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