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Solid data foundation for sophisticated developers

time to market

Use out-of-the-box client libraries and developer docs to swiftly integrate any DataForSEO API and reduce the development time.

Ensure greater
cost efficiency

DataForSEO APIs will help you to cut the cost of building the necessary data mining infrastructure and save your development budget.

Introduce scalability
by design

Our service is scalable by default. Working with DataForSEO you don’t have to worry about designing scalable backend from scratch.

Release in days, not weeks

Moving an SEO tool to the market or integrating a new data source can take a lot of time and money. We accelerate this process by making the process of testing, integrating and deploying our APIs as easy as possible.

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Comprehensive developer docs


GUI for API usage control


Ad hoc integration and deployment support

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Structured data for rank tracking and SERP analytics tools

SERP API — your one-stop datasource of structured search engine data

Empower your rank tracking tool with real-time SERP data for any location, language and mobile/desktop operating systems.

Get a complete overview of Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo results pages with full support of all SERP elements

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Accelerated delivery

Our sophisticated technology guarantees you will obtain results in a matter of seconds.

360° overview of SERPs

Get a complete overview of Google SERPs, including featured snippets, knowledge graphs and more.

Cross-platform support

You will get platform-specific results, including Android/iOS for mobile and Windows/macOS for desktop.

Location-specific results

Use GPS coordinates or ZIP code to narrow down the search area. All Google locations are supported.

Customer story

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Tiny Ranker Ensures System Stability With DataForSEO SERP API

“With DataForSEO we are able to deliver the world’s simplest rank tracker, we can make it really simple and understandable for everyone. We enriched our keywords and no longer wake up to banned proxies.”

Anders Pedersen, CEO of Tiny Ranker

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Need an on-premises solution?

DataForSEO SERP Database is the biggest commercially available repository of Google results pages enriched with relevant keyword data.

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Quality data for keyword research tools

Empower your SEO software with innovative keyword research algorithms and unlimited data from Google Ads

Build innovative keyword research tools leveraging the industry’s biggest keyword database and smart clustering algorithms of DataForSEO Labs API.

Provide your users with up-to-date search volume, impressions, CPC, and other essential keyword data using Keywords Data API.

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Billions of keyword

DataForSEO Keyword Database contains over 2 billion keywords with up-to-date metrics

Unlimited keyword

With Keywords Data API you will get all the data from Google Keyword Planner with no limitations

Keyword clustering algorithms

DataForSEO Labs API encompasses 7 keyword clustering algorithms that you can inegrate into your tool

Advanced filtration and sorting rules

Use our built-in filters to deliver the data your users require faster while also saving your time and money

Customer story


Omologist Incorporates DataForSEO APIs to Devise Bloomberg for Digital Marketers

“We found out about DataForSEO from an extensive search for a data supplier. The important factor for us is that DataForSEO focuses on “quality and cost of data”. APIs integration allows us to focus on other aspects of the platform development.”

Sean Cooney, Co-Founder & CEO of

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Keyword data on local storage?

With DataForSEO Keyword Database you will get full control over more than
2 billion keywords enriched with up-to-date PPC metrics and other essential data.

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API for On-Page SEO Tools

Your well-rounded data solution for developing on–page SEO software

DataForSEO On-Page API will take your SEO tool’s capabilities to a whole new level by providing valuable insight into hundreds of on‑site ranking factors.

Customize the crawler to fit the business needs of your customers, set delay between hits, and more – On-Page API can provide everything an efficient on-site SEO tool requires.

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Customizable crawler

Set delay between hits, add custom robots.txt rules, specify the crawling depth, and more

100+ on-page factors

We analyze every known on-page factor, including broken links, duplicate pages, tags, and more

Rapid results

On-Page API is based on DataForSEO Crawler – the industry’s most time-efficient crawling engine


On-Page API is the most cost-efficient datasource for running SEO audits at scale

“DataForSEO saves us time, money and resources by eliminating the need to scrape every little thing in-house. This frees up our developers to work on core features that deliver impactful value to our clients. Thanks for creating such a great service!”

Blake Acheson, Founder of AgencyAnalytics

Supercharge your tool with new capabilities

See for yourself why DataForSEO is the #1 choice for innovative marketing software projects

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