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Get the full SERP database for the region you’re interested in.


You’ll receive comprehensive insights and information about any website or URL on the web. What we’ve included in the dataset:

Organic SERP results

Paid SERP results

TOP100 result for each keyword

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Sample records from database


Use Cases

Organic and paid keywords finder

Using our SERPs database you can easily find organic and paid keywords for which a specific URL or domain is ranked in Google. You can use it to develop your own in-house research tool or integrate this feature into your current SEO-software to provide additional value to your customers.

This database is best for:

Enterprise SEO platforms

SEO software companies

Big SEO agencies

Ads research, traffic estimation

Discover ads any website on the webs is running. You can also analyze estimated traffic a specific website or even URL has. You can use this feature to create your SEO or analytics software.


Complete database in your hands

No need to count the number of calls made to API. Use the whole database with no limits.

Predictable cost

It is very simple to calculate your spendings. No need to conduct hard maths. Pay once – use unlimited.

Best data

You’ll get the freshest and most accurate data.

Friendly support

We will assist you and answer all your questions. Our support team is available around-the-clock.

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