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Collect business listing data at a scale

DataForSEO Business Listings API is the ultimate solution for businesses that need to access the latest information on millions of points-of-interest (POIs) and business listings across the globe. With our API, you can harness the power of real-time data to drive business growth, enhance customer experiences, and optimize your marketing campaigns.

This API will provide you with all the business listings data you need, including business contact information, addresses, hours of operation, ratings, and other POI data. This wealth of data enables you to gain deep insights into consumer behavior and make informed decisions that drive business success.

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Get business profiles from any location supported in Google Maps.

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Make important business decisions faster with a real-time Live mode of Business Listings API.

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Save your budget by taking advantage of built-in filters and sorting parameters.

Business Listings API - Categories Aggregation

The Categories Aggregation endpoint of DataForSEO Business Listings API is used to retrieve a list of business categories for a particular location. It allows you to analyze the local business landscape in a specific area by aggregating data on the types of businesses that are present.

The Categories Aggregation endpoint of DataForSEO Business Listings API returns a list of business categories for the specified location, along with the number of businesses in each category. The categories are organized hierarchically, with the most general categories at the top and the most specific categories at the bottom.

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Given that the price for setting a task is $0.01 and the price per each row is $0.00003, the price of one task with 1,000 rows is calculated as follows:

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Uncover Up-to-date Business Listings with DataForSEO

In this article, we explore how to use DataForSEO Business Listings API and explain how different industries can benefit from its data.

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Help Center – Getting Started

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Business Listings API Documentation

Technical details explaining parameters available for setting an API task and fields in the API response.

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