Business Data API – Business Listings

Business Listings API is designed to provide you with point-of-interest (POI) records and business listings from across the globe.

Business Listings API endpoints deliver information about business entities listed on Google Maps in the specified categories as well as data about groups of related categories with the number of entities in each category.

Using this API, your account will be billed for both setting a task and receiving its results.

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Live mode
Real-time results with a single POST request
Turnaround time
up to 2 seconds on average
Price per task
Price per item
$310 for 1M items*

*Price Calculation

The number of items you can get in response is limited to 1000, so you will have to make 1,000 requests in order to obtain 1M items and related data. One item corresponds to data on one business in the Search endpoint and one business category in the Categories Aggregation endpoint.

Given that the price for setting a task is $0.01 and the price per each item is $0.0003, the price for 1M items is calculated as follows:

1,000*0.01 + 1,000,000*0.0003 = $310

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