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Discover The Most Popular Google Searches Worldwide

The table below surfaces the 1000 most searched keywords across 75 countries. It is created based on our extensive Google Keywords database which contains over 5 billion search terms enriched with relevant and up-to-date Google Ads metrics and historical data available back to 2019. Note that it contains complete data, including the search terms that may be considered NSFW (not safe for work).

Data in this table is automatically updated in the second part of each month.

Check The Top 1000 Keywords in the US And 74 More Countries

By default, this table lists the top 1000 keywords worldwide, however, it can also provide you with location-specific stats for free. Simply select a country from the drop-down list and hit Search to see the top 1000 keywords in a certain country.

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About the data in this table:

  • Keyword corresponds to a relevant search term.
  • Search volume represents the average monthly search volume rate for the given keyword on Google based on Google Ads data. Learn more about Google search volume.
  • History plots the (approximate) numbers of monthly searches for the related keyword as available since 2018-2019 over a timeline graph.

Uncover Google Search Volume History and Intent of Any Search Term For Free

Obtain accurate data on any keyword of your choice using DataForSEO Labs API. You can receive a list of the most popular search terms on Google in any location along with their search intent using the Top Searches endpoint. What’s more, you can go back in time up to the beginning of 2019 and review search volume history trends for any keyword with the Historical Search Volume endpoint. In both cases, the response data will also include keyword metrics from Google Ads and DataForSEO’s proprietary Keyword Difficulty score.

api explorer historical search volume

To get all of this data for free, register with DataForSEO and head to the DataForSEO Labs section of our API Explorer. Then, make a request to the endpoint of your choice by selecting it under Functions.

In the request settings, indicate a target keyword(-s), set up preferred sorting (e.g. by search volume), and other parameters.


Get More Data on Billions of Google Search Queries

If your project requires a large volume of data, you can purchase our comprehensive Google Keywords database. It contains 5+ billion keywords, and each keyword is supplied with a set of accurate and up-to-date keyword metrics and historical data available back to 2019. You can also get timely updates for 50% of the standard price.


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