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Brand mention data at a glance

From simple in-house tools to complex SaaS projects — brand reputation software solutions require lots of data. The reliability of brand-mention data and the speed of getting it are the main reasons some projects succeed and others don’t.

Content Analysis API will ensure your brand monitoring solution can quickly search for brand mentions and keyword citations across the web and get all the related data in real time.


Content Analysis API - Summary

Users of brand monitoring and sentiment analytics software love dashboards with graphs and diagrams. So much so that such software solutions are designed as a set of comprehensive data visualizations.

The Summary endpoint of Content Analysis API is designed to provide you with all the data you need to build informative yet visually stunning dashboards that your users will love and your competitors will try to copy.

Specifically, the Summary endpoint will provide an in-depth overview of citation data available for the target keyword and other parameters set in the API request

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Find out what people think about a brand or product

Sentiment Analysis, which is also sometimes referred to as opinion mining, is the process of determining the emotional connotation of the text.

DataForSEO Content Analysis API provides a sophisticated sentiment analysis algorithm that can be easily integrated into your solution.

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Put reputation on a timeline

Just like any other marketing tool, sentiment analysis is more useful when distributed over a timeline. Knowing when brand reputation started to degrade or improve is a piece of crucial information that helps companies adjust their communication strategies.

Content Analysis API offers a set of endpoints that will provide your solution with citation stats by date for a target keyword, as well as citation trends in a target category. What’s more, the Rating Distribution endpoint will help you get ratings associated with a certain citation.

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web mentions sentiment api dashboard

Content Analysis API - Rating Distribution

Every brand wants to find out how happy a customer is with a product or service. Sentiment analysis will provide this information, but it can be quite difficult to put sentiments on a comprehensive scale.

With the Rating Distribution endpoint of Content Analysis API, you can easily correlate sentiment polarity with a clear minimal and maximal rating. Relying on that information, it also becomes easy to investigate brand mentions that have contradictive sentiments and rankings.

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