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All the data you need to scale up your on-page SEO analytics
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Your customizable crawling engine for efficient on-page optimization


From custom robots.txt and sitemaps, to JS code and raw html – you can adjust our crawler to your requirements with just a few lines of code.


OnPage API encompasses a variety of on-page metrics, including page speed insights, readability, links and page errors.


You won’t have to wait untill the entire website is crawled – OnPage API will gradually return the results in a blink of an eye.

On-page SEO data at scale

Automate your on-page audits with actionable data

OnPage API is a powerful tool for extracting crucial performance insights from any website, including HTTP status codes, meta tags, links, duplicate content, and more.

Run in-depth technical SEO audits for thousands of URLs with no need to build complex and expensive scraping tools in-house.

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Built-in SEO benchmarks and performance metrics

Analyze every known on-page ranking factor

Evaluate the performance of any website using 60+ on-page SEO metrics and customizable benchmarks.

Or create your own benchmarks by modifying threshold and setting custom JS rules in the API request.

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OnPage Lighthouse API

Get on-page insights straight from Google

DataForSEO lets you leverage Google’s open-source Lighthouse project to measure the quality of web pages and web apps.

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Operational resilence

Our APIs are reliable, scalable, and secure by default

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No bureaucracy

You don’t need to sign any contracts and be bound by any conditions

“DataForSEO saves us time, money and resources by eliminating the need to scrape every little thing in-house. This frees up our developers to work on core features that deliver impactful value to our clients. Thanks for creating such a great service!”

Blake Acheson, President at AgencyAnalytics

Amplify your business with new opportunities

See for yourself why DataForSEO is the #1 choice for innovative ecommerce projects

OnPage API Pricing


  • 60+ on-page parameters
  • Internal links
  • HTML
  • Duplicate pages
  • Page speed insights
  • Non-indexable pages
$ 0.000125 per crawled page
$ 0.125 per 1000 pages

Load Resources

All in Basic
  • Images
  • CSS classes
  • Scripts
  • Broken items
  • Pages by resource
Basic + Basic×2
0.000125 + 2×0.000125 =
$ 0.000375 per crawled page

Load JavaScript

All in Basic
Load JS on a crawled page
Basic + Basic×9
0.000125 + 9×0.000125 =
$ 0.00125 per crawled page

Custom JavaScript

All in Basic
Execute custom JS
Basic + Basic
0.000125 + 0.000125 =
$ 0.00025 per crawled page

Enable Browser Rendering

All in Basic
Load resources
Load JavaScript
Enable browser rendering
Basic + Basic*33
0.000125 + 0.000125*33 =
$ 0.00425 per crawled page

Calculate keyword density

All in Basic
Calculate keyword density values
Basic + Basic
0.000125 + 0.000125 =
$ 0.00025 per crawled page

If you would like to enable all available parameters, the price per crawled page would be:

$ 0.000125 + (2 + 9 + 1 + 1 + (33 – 2 – 9))×$ 0,000125 = $ 0.0045

On-Page Analytics API in figures

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Release in days, not weeks

Moving a product to the market or integrating a new data source can take a lot of time and money. We accelerate this process by providing everything you need to build an efficient solution.

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Well-rounded documentation


GUI for API usage control


Ad hoc integration and deployment support

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