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Backlink Profile Analysis – Made Easy

Whether it’s monitoring competitors, running a link building campaign, or prepearing a website audit – backlink analysis has long been an integral part of the SEOs daily routine. However, this part can also turn out the most burdensome if the right tools aren’t available.
DataForSEO Backlinks API features nine endpoints that can provide all the data you, or your users, need to facilitate the process of analysing backlinks.
Backlink Profile Analysis – Made Easy

Relevant Domains

In addition to backlink data, this API is also capable of providing an advanced intel on relevant domains, thus allowing you to build a complete overview of the target domain as well as the websites referring to it.

By using the following endpoints, you will be able to search and extract all the domain-related data from our extensive link index:

Relevant Domains responseRelevant Domains response example code
Transparent Link Scoring Algorithm

Transparent Link Scoring Algorithm

From figuring out how much backlink data you need, to determining their relevance and putting together reports – scoring backlinks is crucial for anyone involved in SEO.
DataForSEO developed a comprehensive scoring system to help you score each backlink, domain, or webpage. It mirrors the Google’s original PageRank algorithm and can be easily understood or even reverse-engineered by any software developer.

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Backlink Profile Analysis – Made Easy

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