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Around 5 am on February 24…

… Russia invaded Ukraine with a full-scale war. Our land has been shattering from explosions and shellings every day since that terrifying morning.

Ukraine’s second-largest city Kharkiv, where DataForSEO’s main office is located, now bears heavy scars of destruction. Russia’s missiles have killed numerous civilians, ruined multiple public and residential buildings, and continue to strike the city and its suburbs to this day.

Despite the odds, Ukraine keeps standing

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DataForSEO’s Support in Ukraine’s Path to Victory

Nick Chernets,
Chief Executive Officer
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As the citizens of Ukraine, we’re committed to doing everything we can to help our country, support our people, sustain the Ukrainian economy, and obstruct all business ties with Russia. Within the first week of the invasion, we took swift action: shut down access to Yandex SERP API, banned users from Russia and Belarus, and removed these countries from our services.
During the first two months of the full-scale war, we supplied fuel to volunteers evacuating people from the frontline areas. We’ve also provided humanitarian aid to Kharkiv city and assisted our teammates with relocation fully covering the first months’ expenses.
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Now the DataForSEO team regularly supplies protective equipment, drones, medical kits, and more for our soldiers on the frontline. We make regular financial contributions to support equipment development projects for military use, such as the development of FPV Hornet drones.
Besides that, we provide special equipment and financial aid to the State Emergency Service. As part of our dedication to helping Ukraine, we also donate 50% of our profits to trusted charities and official funds.
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Evgeniy Vorobyov
Evgeniy Vorobyov,
Chief Technology Officer

Our Help For 2+ Million Dollars in Numbers

Mobile MLRS
MLR system
Off-road vehicles bought, 40+ repaired, 20+ on regular maintenance
7+ off-road vehicles bought, over 30 repaired, over 20 on regular maintenance
All-terrain vehicles and motocross bikes bought
3 off-road ATV and motocross bike bought
FPV drones and parts supplied
500+ FPV drones and parts supplied
Drones bought and over 1,000 repaired: DJI (Matrice, Mavic), Autel (4T, EVO)
45+ drones bought and repaired: DJI (Matrice, Mavic), Autel (4T, EVO)
Military gear & gadgets: night vision, thermal vision, binoculars, walkie-talkie, active headphones, tablets
360+ military gear units + gadgets
Medical supplies: CAT tourniquets, IFAK Kits, abdominal tourniquets, stretchers
1000+ medical supplies: CAT tourniquets, IFAK Kits, abdominal tourniquets, stretcherss
Clothing units and supplies: uniforms, boots, backpacks, thermal underwear, sleeping bags
1000+ units of clothing and supplies: uniform, boots, thermal underwear, sleeping bags
Auxiliary items: Starlink kits, generators, batteries, antennas, repeaters, night vision devices for vehicles
200+ auxiliary equipment: starlinks, generators, batteries, antennas, repeaters, night vision devices for vehicles
Protection units: body armor, helmets, knee and elbow pads
100+ units of protection

Russia will not stop until we make it

The largest war in Europe since WWII is raging. Russian forces are targeting Ukrainian civilians at this very moment. We urgently need your support.
While Ukrainians are the ones on the frontlines today, the impact of this war extends globally. Stopping the terrorist Russian state now is crucial to prevent darker global consequences.

How You Can Help


Donate to the Come Back Alive Foundation

A charitable foundation supporting the Ukrainian military and non-profit focusing on defense analytics and veteran rehab through sports.
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Support Ukraine’s medical professionals

Leleka Foundation is providing high-quality modern tactical first aid supplies to Ukrainian defenders, field doctors, and emergency teams.
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Explore the stories about what we are fighting for

We are fighting for the value of life and for everything we love. We have 603,628 reasons — just as the area of independent Ukraine.
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See the list of russia’s war crimes in Ukraine

The atrocities listed represent only a fraction of the terror unfolding in Ukraine. Yet, they underscore one undeniable truth: russia must be stopped.

Learn how to be brave like Ukraine

Embark on a virtual journey to Ukraine with experts in history, culture, theology, business, and politics.
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Glory to Ukraine!!!

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