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Our APIs

Rank tracking API

Pull us a keyword with a location and we will return fresh rank.

Get the freshest position for your keyword with 100% accuracy.


Pull us a keyword and we will return the TOP100 results from SERP.

Get paid and organic results from SERP in raw format for the keywords you're interested in.

Keywords data API

Pull us a keyword and we will return data for search volume, CPC and competition level.

Get all the data you want to know from the Google AdWords Planner.

Competitor API

Pull us your domain name and we will return you information about estimated traffic.

Get all the data you want to know about traffic and its sources, bounce rates, avg. time on site and number of pageviews.

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We will assist you during the whole process of implementation. We can make Skype call or group chat. Any communication channel that will satisfy your needs.

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Simple pricing

You don't need to sign up any contract and make huge upfront payments. We use ``pay per use`` pricing model. Your credits don't burn at the end of the month.

Tech Support

We will assist your team in the implementation process of our API.

Clear stats

You will be always in the know how you spend your credits for API usage.

High speed

We are ready to provide the best speed of our API to meet your business expectations.


Our system is tested and stable. We can guarantee 99.99% availability.

Accuracy and freshness

You will always get the freshest and most accurate data.

Predictable pricing

You pay only for the services you get. No tricks.

DataForSEO – the best data provider for SEO-software companies and agencies

We make our project live because we believe that we’re helping companies to fill their needs in SEO-data. And we believe that we can do this better than any other company.

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