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Unlock the Power of Google Shopping Reviews

Google Shopping Reviews API is your gateway to obtaining customer feedback data at the scale required for your use case and uncovering valuable insights directly from the Google Shopping platform.
Whether you are an agency looking to provide your e-commerce customers with enhanced feedback management capabilities or a large retailer seeking to analyze thousands of reviews across multiple categories – Google Shopping Reviews API from DataForSEO will provide you with all the data you need to achieve your goals.
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Review data you can get from Google Shopping Reviews API

  • Product info
  • Rating distribution
  • Top keywords
  • Customer reviews
  • Images in the review

Revolutionize User Experience With Impactful Use Cases

Analyze Google Shopping Product Sentiments

E-commerce businesses can use DataForSEO Google Shopping Reviews API to analyze customer sentiment. By extracting and analyzing customer review and rating data, businesses can gain insights into how their products are perceived by the customers, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions to enhance their product offerings.
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Google competitive edge

Set up Data-Driven Competitor Benchmarking

Businesses can leverage the Google Shopping Reviews API to conduct competitor benchmarking and analysis. By analyzing the reviews and ratings of competitor products, businesses can identify competitive strengths and weaknesses, benchmark their own products against competitors, and devise strategies to differentiate themselves in the market.
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