This API is built to return TOP100 results from search engines for a specified keyword

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Simple API

Our API is very simple. You don’t need to create projects, add keywords or something else. Just pull as a keyword, domain, search engine and get TOP100 results in raw format. Simple, as 1-2-3.

Predictable cost

With our API you will always know how much you’ll pay. Every request to SERP API cost 1 credit*. No tricks.

Understandable stats

You’ll get access to your personal cabinet where you can see API usage during in real-time. Also, you are able to see the dynamic of API usage for selected period.

Friendly support

We will assist you during the whole period of testing and integration. It can be Skype/Slack chat or email. As you wish.

Key features

TOP100 raw organic results
Paid results are included
All locations worldwide are supported
Google Maps / Google Map pack is supported
Fantastic accuracy and speed
Postback / pingback options

Calculate Your Costs

SERP API costs 1 credit* for 1 array of TOP100 results for a specified keyword. You can calculate how much it will cost to get TOP100 for your keywords quantity.

0 tracked keywords
Of the selected number of requests to the SERP API
$ 0
Priority Set task to API, credits Get result from API, credits Avg. results delivery time, minutes
Standard 0,5 0,5 30
High 2 1 1

Clear stats. Understandable charts. Your API usage under control.

In your personal cabinet you’ll get informative graphs, where you can see all the stats – API usage. Also, you will see your current balance and ability to load funds. All in one place.

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SERP API features

We know what you expect to get. And we have all features that will satisfy your needs.

Fantastic speed. On the average, it takes 30 seconds to return a result.

Unlimited capacity. We handle 10 millions tracked keywords daily. And it isn't a limit.

All search engines and locations. We support Google, Google Mobile, Bing. And we can track all locations.

One year storage. We store your results for one year. You can get them whenever you need.

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Google SERP checker API: usage cases

There are a few main reasons why you would need to get Google SERP via API: you can analyze changes in keywords positions or AdWords Ads, or even estimate number of indexed pages in Google or any other search engine.

You will definitely need API for Google SERP analysis when you build your own software that will maintain an array of SERP results that has been received. In most cases, Google SERP position API is needed by SEO-software companies, which are building their own analytical software and want to analyze keywords positions or any other information from the search engines results pages.

SERPs tracker API: how we differ

SEO-companies. The basic thing that any SEO-company targets with any customer are keywords rankings. You may have your own CRM or application that you use with your team to track customers’ KPIs, so you need to get Google search rankings. You can waste a lot of time and try to set up some proxies or rotators, but probably, the best way to get this data is to use DataForSEO: Google and other search engines position checker API.

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