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Accelerate your keyword research with ideas from Google Search box

Harnessing a proprietary system of reliable proxy pools and an expansive server infrastructure, we deliver Google Autocomplete suggestions precisely when you need it, scaling effortlessly to meet the demands of any project.
Backlink Database will provide you with the entire DataForSEO link index, enriched by relevant metrics, carefully structured and subdivided into domain zones.

Integrating our Google Autocomplete SERP API into your workflow is straightforward. Gain immediate access to real-time Autocomplete suggestions, refine your keyword research algorithms and get better results.

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Use Google Autocomplete Cursor Pointer to maximize the results

The Google Autocomplete Cursor Pointer from DataForSEO takes the traditional autocomplete function a step further. Instead of merely selecting keywords that are relevant to the entire seed keyword, you can navigate through the autocomplete options for various parts of the keyword using the cursor pointer.
This dynamic approach allows for a deeper exploration of potential keywords related to your topic, providing a more comprehensive understanding of trending queries and maximizing your keyword research potential.
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Google Dataset Search API features a turnaround time of up to 6 seconds
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Pay As You Go Pricing

Standard Queue
Queue-based system with POST and GET requests
Turnaround time
5 minutes*
Price per 1 SERP page
Price per 1M SERPs
Priority Queue
Queue-based system with POST and GET requests
Turnaround time
up to 1 minute on average
Price per 1 SERP page
Price per 1M SERPs
Live Mode
Real-time results with a single POST request
Turnaround time
up to 6 seconds on average
Price per 1 SERP page
Price per 1M SERPs

*the guaranteed turnaround time is 45 minutes

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Google Autocomplete api

Get Keyword Ideas with Google Autocomplete SERP API

Google’s automated systems generate predictions that save people’s time by allowing them to quickly start the search they already had in mind. Find out how to make it work for your project.

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