SERP API Pricing

The cost of DataForSEO SERP API varies based on the method and priority of a set task. In addition to that, SERP API incorporates a few optional parameters that can also impact the final cost of data.

Base Price

The base price of 100 search engine results obtained with SERP API varies based on the method and priority that correspond to the speed of task execution. Accordingly, the faster you want to get the results, the higher will be the price of the task.

The Live method features an accelerated turnaround time (up to 6 seconds) and provides for real-time results, whereas the Standard method is based on the queue and includes two priorities – normal (up to 5 minutes) and high (up to 1 minute).

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Standard Queue
Queue-based system with POST and GET requests
Turnaround time
5 minutes*
Price per 1 SERP page
Price per 1M SERPs
Priority Queue
Queue-based system with POST and GET requests
Turnaround time
up to 1 minute on average
Price per 1 SERP page
Price per 1M SERPs
Live Mode
Real-time results with a single POST request
Turnaround time
up to 6 seconds on average
Price per 1 SERP page
Price per 1M SERPs
*the guaranteed turnaround time is 45 minutes

AI Summary endpoint

The AI Summary endpoint of SERP API is designed to provide a summary of the content found on any SERP and generate a response based on the user’s specified prompt. The cost of this endpoint is $0.01 for each task.

Screenshot endpoint

The screenshot endpoint of DataForSEO SERP API provides high-quality SERP images based on the page’s HTML. The cost of using it differs from the rest of SERP API endpoints and amounts to $0.004 per result.


Using YouTube SERP API Search and Comments endpoints, you will be billed for every 20 results.

To calculate the cost of YouTube SERP API Video Info and YouTube Subtitles endpoints, multiply the prices in the table by 3.

Example cost calculation for getting subtitles of one video with the Live mode: $0.002 x 3 = $0.006.

Google Autocomplete API

In Google Autocomplete endpoints, the cost of setting a task is equal to the base price of Google Search SERP with 100 results.

For example, the price for getting Google Autocomplete suggestions for a million target keywords using the Live mode is: $0.002 X 1,000,000 = $2,000

Additional parameters

SERP API lists a set of parameters that can increase the cost of setting a task. The cost of a task is multiplied for using each of these parameters. Note that the final can contain multiple multipliers.

Parameter Cost multiplier
‘allinanchor:’, ‘allintext:’, ‘allintitle:’, ‘allinurl:’, ‘define:’, ‘filetype:’, ‘id:’, ‘inanchor:’, ‘info:’, ‘intext:’, ‘intitle:’, ‘inurl:’, ‘link:’, ‘site:’ Multiply by 5 for each parameter used
“calculate_rectangles” Multiply by 2
“depth” Multiply for each 100 search engine results*


Your account is billed for every 100 results of the following SERP API search engine types:

· Google Organic, Google Maps, Google News, Google Events, Google Images, Search by Image

· Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Naver

Using the search engine types listed below, you will be billed for a different number of results:

· Google Local Finder – for every 20 results for desktop and every 10 results for mobile

· Google Jobs, Seznam – for every 10 results

· YouTube SERP API – for every 20 results in Search and Comments endpoints

Accordingly, if you specify “depth” above the default number of results, the price for the task will be multiplied. For example, if you specify “depth”: 150, and the default value is 100, the price for the task will be multiplied by 2 and you will be billed as for 200 results.

To learn more about additional SERP API parameters and their cost, please visit our Help Center.

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