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Search for Google Datasets with SERP API

Finding credible research data can be difficult. Google Datasets aims at making it easier and enables open access to tens of thousands of data repositories.
The Search endpoint of DataForSEO Google Datasets SERP API is a powerful tool for finding the datasets you’re looking for and ensures that your research is based on correct and up-to-date sources.
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Get a Closer Look at Google Dataset Properties

Looking beyond the simple feed of Dataset Search API will give you a much richer understanding of certain properties, capabilities, and limitations of data a particular dataset includes.
The Dataset Info endpoint of SERP API makes all this data readily available, so you can add insights that would otherwise be difficult to find. This information can help you make better decisions when working with data, and can provide you with a better understanding of the data in question.
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Google Dataset Search API

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Rapid results
The Live method of Google Datasets SERP API features a turnaround time of up to 6 seconds
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Pay-as-you-go pricing
You pay for the data you consume. No montly susbscriptions and hidden costs.
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24/7 integration support
Our 24/7 customer support team is with you every step of the way.

Google Datasets SERP API Pricing

Live priority

Avg. turnaround time
up to 6 seconds
$ 0.002 SERP
$ 2 1000 SERPs

High priority

Avg. turnaround time
up to 1 minute
$ 0.0012 SERP
$ 1.2 1000 SERPs

Standard priority

Avg. turnaround time
5 minutes*
$ 0.0006 SERP
$ 0.6 1000 SERPs

*the guaranteed turnaround time is 45 minutes

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Google Dataset API

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