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cover-wp-2DataForSEO v3 Connector for Google Sheets is now available for download. With this new version, you can get the full power of DataForSEO APIs straight in Google Sheets. Click the button below to get it for free!
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At DataForSEO, we’re always working towards enhancing our API platform and ensuring it’s the most comprehensive and cost-efficient data service on the market. In this vein, we’ve recently launched the updated version of OnPage API, the last API to join the DataForSEO v3 suite, and introduced the Account Access feature.

Beyond the time-proven commitment to quality and diversity of data, we’re also determined to make our products accessible to all, regardless of coding skills and budget size. That’s the reason why almost a year ago, we released the pilot version of the DataForSEO API v2 Connector for Google Sheets – a powerful tool for pulling the essential SEO data straight into one of the most popular spreadsheet programs. Fast forward to the present day, it has proven effective by helping over a hundred SEO data enthusiasts to reach a variety of goals: from analyzing SERP pages to getting search volume values for a bulk of keywords, and more.

However, the launch of the DataForSEO v3 has introduced many changes and thus prompted us to update the connector. So, without further ado, let us introduce the DataForSEO API v3 Connector for Google Sheets – a newer version that encompasses all our new features and novelties while boasting the same familiar user-friendly interface.

One of the main new features is the extended support for DataForSEO API v3 endpoints – a new connector works with all Live-enabled endpoints in the suite.


Just like in the previous version, the results are based on the specified keyword, location, and language parameters.
The new connector also allows you to modify some of the default fields:


Unlike its predecessor, the new connector can now provide you with top-100 results from seven search engines including:


Keyword Data API

Keyword Data API now allows accessing all Google Ads and Google Trends endpoints. By contrast, in v2, you could only get search volume for a bulk of keywords.

Keyword data api

To be more specific, an updated connector works with the following Keyword Data API endpoints:

DataForSEO Labs API

DataForSEO Labs API is yet another novelty introduced in the new version. DataForSEO Connector incorporated the full functionality of this API, including:

dfs labs

Keyword Research

Market-specific keyword analysis

Competitor Research

You can also use offset, order by, and filtration parameters within Google Sheets to narrow down the results and save the funds. Ultimately, DataForSEO API Connector is the only tool you need to run full-scale keyword research and query-based competitor analysis.

How does it work?

The set-up of the Google Sheets connector for DataForSEO remained unchanged. You can read more about the process in our older article “DataForSEO API Connector for Google Sheets: Connecting the Dots.”

Anyway, you’ll still need to go through the same set of steps for putting it to work:

1 Make a copy to store the connector locally on your Google Drive.

Step 1
2 Press the “Start” button and complete the authorization.

connector authorization
3 Allow the connector to work on your Google Drive.
The add-on is currently waiting to be reviewed by Google, so you’ll need to approve the connection manually: click “Advanced” in the pop-up window and select “Go to DataForSEO.” Rest assured – we do not store user data, so it can’t be shared with third parties. The authorization is necessary only to allow DataForSEO APIs to connect with your spreadsheet and deliver the required data.

step3 gif
4 Enter your API credentials.
You can find your credentials in the account dashboard. API Connector does not require repeated authorization – you need to enter the credentials only once.
step 4
5 Select the API and run the script.
The data retrieved by each method will be built into a new sheet of the spreadsheet you work from. Before running a new task, make sure you copied the previously obtained data into a different spreadsheet – the data will be re-written every time you run the script.

final step

Re-connect the dots!

DataForSEO API v3 Spreadsheets Connector isn’t a generic update. With over 20 new endpoints, new request logic, and renewed data markups, it brings the interaction usability and application scope to the whole new level – and, quite frankly, stretches far beyond this article. However, we’re already working on more articles that will cover particular business cases and will keep you posted on any new developments.

Meanwhile, try out this new connector and drop us a line – our team is looking forward to your feedback!
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George Svash

George is the Director of Content Marketing at DataForSEO, an API suite designed to help SEO software companies and agencies gather the SEO data they need for their projects. George is a tech and marketing geek with a deep passion for Big Data and SEO. Having a broad experience in content marketing and a degree in engineering, he is particularly good at explaining complex concepts.

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