A Place For Mom Leverage Machine Learning With DataForSEO APIs [Success Story]


“Feedback on usage has been great. Our only challenge has been that as a high volume user, we have had to build new processes to re-try gathering data when the API fails to respond. However, with that in place, we generally get 99% of our data daily.”

Marston Gould, The Senior Director of Search Marketing at A Place For Mom

About A Place For Mom
A Place for Mom is the undisputed leader on the North American market of senior housing referral services, serving over 200,000 customers each year. Through the network of over 200 local agents, the company helps families to find the most appropriate housing situation to care for senior adults based on budget and level of care needed.

Business Challenge

With nearly 80 individual domains and a multitude of subdomains, the search marketing team of A Place For Mom struggled to collect ranking data on all the targeted keywords across several major markets. At the same time, given the tough competition in the senior housing market, they had no other choice but to make digital marketing their predominant engine of growth.
“SEO/SEM drive 70% of our business,” explained Marston Gould, the Senior Director of Search Marketing at A Place For Mom. “We invest heavily in being the most effective marketing company in our industry.

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George Svash

George is the Director of Content Marketing at DataForSEO, an API suite designed to help SEO software companies and agencies gather the SEO data they need for their projects. George is a tech and marketing geek with a deep passion for Big Data and SEO. Having a broad experience in content marketing and a degree in engineering, he is particularly good at explaining complex concepts.

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