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About The Links Guy Agency

The Links Guy is a data-driven link-building and digital PR agency based out of the UK. Leveraging advanced professional tools and proprietary solutions, they take link-building to the next level. In addition to link generation, The Links Guy also offers a range of SEO services, from pinpointing strategic keywords to implementing on-page optimization techniques. With this holistic approach, they ensure unparalleled results for their clients. The Links Guy has worked with companies in the Inc. 500, Silicon Valley startups, as well as medium-sized businesses from various industries, including SaaS, finance, B2C ecommerce, and many more. At the forefront of the agency’s operations is its founder and chief link-building strategist, Amit Raj, an experienced SEO consultant, digital marketer, and entrepreneur.


Scale the agency’s operations while prioritizing high-quality link-building.
Have continuous and flexible access to a wealth of SEO and marketing data at a reasonable cost.
Produce more high-quality educational content about ethical link-building.
Become one of the top link-building services in the world.

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About DataForSEO

DataForSEO is the leading provider of SEO data for the marketing technology industry. With an API-led approach to data delivery, DataForSEO is enabling hundreds of software businesses to enhance their products with reliable, accurate, and fresh data.


Amit Raj, Founder of The Links Guy, embarked on his journey in the SEO and link-building space in 2015. Having gained strong experience as a freelance consultant, in 2016, he started his own company, Amit Digital Marketing.

Reflecting on his early experiences, Amit says, “What I identified back then, and still stands true today – is a real lack of services that can focus on high-quality link-building. There are a lot of brokers and services out there who can offer huge scale and handle hundreds of companies – but with the way Google’s algorithm updates are rolling out, there is a growing demand from companies who want to build links sustainably, ethically, and with a strong focus on quality at its core.”

Over the years, Amit’s consultancy evolved, and in 2021 rebranded into The Links Guy, a reputable link-building and digital PR agency. The company’s mission is to revolutionize link-building by emphasizing quality over quantity. As Amit puts it, they aim not just to generate links, “but to build links that will foster relationships, educate audiences, and drive business growth.”

From 2024 onwards, the agency is ramping up efforts to advocate for quality practices by “investing a lot more in putting out content that sheds light on what quality link-building should look like,” Amit shares. He underscores, “We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our service internally, but we also want to educate as much of our target audience as possible.”

Speaking of the agency’s aspirations for the future, Amit says, “Our vision is to become one of the top link-building services in the world – both as an agency and as a brand providing education about link-building and digital PR.”

Business challenge

The Links Guy faced a significant challenge as they aimed to expand the agency’s operations while maintaining the standard of creating high-quality backlinks.

Amit explains, “We’re not just interested in building any links, we want to strategically build them so we can efficiently move the client towards traffic, and revenue goals.” This strategic decision-making involves analyzing substantial data volumes, and as the agency’s customer base was growing larger, so was its need for data-driven insights.

Sometimes, the success of even a single client can be pivotal. Amit elaborates, “We had a very specific client in mind for a project, and previously, we were using a competing product with an API that could extract some of the same data. We faced two main problems there:

➤ Their API was expensive and we were locked into a monthly charge, regardless of whether we needed that many credits or not, and we could not “roll over” the credits to the next month.
➤ Their API documentation was very confusing and the developer was having a hard time understanding it. This made coding scripts very difficult.”

In short, at this point, the agency realized they needed a streamlined and more affordable solution for accessing data to scale their strategic decision-making.

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