Tiny Ranker Gets Rid of Proxies and Ensures System Stability With DataForSEO SERP API [Success Story]


“No proxies. Good API. Awesome fast support. Love you guys!”

Anders Pedersen, the CEO of Tiny Ranker

About Tiny Ranker

Tiny Ranker is a keyword tracking tool that helps to track and analyze essential SEO metrics, including keyword position tracking and competitor analysis. With its user-friendly dashboard and powerful reporting features, Tiny Ranker managed to win the trust of over 3,000 SEO professionals worldwide.

Business Challenge

Tiny Ranker started out under the brand name TinyRocketLab in 2013. Soon after the rollout of its rank tracking feature, the customer base started to grow, and so did the number of requests to the backend. Back then, the company was relying on proxy servers to get search engine results and keyword positions across various locations, while also bypassing Google captcha.

However, proxy servers come with numerous downsides, among which the most significant is the fragility of proxy-based systems and, as a result, potential security breaches. What’s more, Google and other search engines add IP addresses to their block lists on a regular basis. The team of Tiny Ranker, as Anders Pedersen the CEO of Tiny Ranker, put it “was often waking up to banned proxies.” Another issue Tiny Ranker was faced with is the rapidly growing user base, what subsequently required enriching the software’s keyword database.

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George Svash

George is the Director of Content Marketing at DataForSEO, an API suite designed to help SEO software companies and agencies gather the SEO data they need for their projects. George is a tech and marketing geek with a deep passion for Big Data and SEO. Having a broad experience in content marketing and a degree in engineering, he is particularly good at explaining complex concepts.

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