Why you should think about developing your own SEO software

There are many projects you might be managing right now. Probably, there are plenty of tools that you can be using and, apparently, you aren’t really satisfied with them. You have your own project or even many projects that you’re currently working on. The software you’re using doesn’t really meet your needs anymore. This is where you start to think about implementing a change.

Your project grows, your business scales up. If so, this is high time you were thinking of switching from old off-the-shelf software to your own – custom software.

Own Your Product

Own-Your-Product-SEOLet’s modulate this situation. You are a small kid, you have a lot of cheerful friends, and you know how to have fun together. Boys play football and girls play dolls in a fancy doll-house. The ball is not yours and the doll-house isn’t either. It’s one of your friend’s. And you aren’t that responsible for all this stuff. Because you don’t really care how it works. However, you are still using it and that’s fine.

If the ball gets torn, if a doll-house breaks, well, it’s a pity. You’ll have to find another guy with a ball or another girl with a doll-house. Is that easy? You need to meet another kid, another provider of the necessary product. It takes time and resources. It’s not convenient. You take all your team members and you go to another kid to a different yard to play dolls or football there.

There is one more thing. If you don’t own a ball, you can’t take that ball and share it with somebody, because it’s not yours. Because you’re not allowed to. You can’t build a garden near the doll-house or furniture it lovely because, again, it doesn’t belong to you. You can borrow it for a couple of days putting a white label on it, but then if your friend’s plans change, you lose everything.

It’s all good, to have these things under somebody’s roof until you face some obstacles. When you decide to play alone or to share with somebody or modify these toys in your own creative way but you can’t – you start thinking.

As you grow up, you want to initiate and start your project and call your friends to have fun together, but it’s impossible. Because you don’t actually own any of these products. And that sucks.

So, what do you do?
You ask your parents to buy you one, either ball or doll-house. Now, things are different. Now, the product is yours. You’re entirely responsible for your tool and you can become an upstream ball provider for your friends or share your doll-house.

Your parents are your team of developers, you invest your whims and they do exactly what you need. You have really good cooperation with them. You love them and care about them, they mean a lot to you. If there is a modification you need to add, they will do that.

Resources: Time and Expenses

Time-and-money-seo-software-developmentYou know, it costs quite a lot of whims and cries to make your parents buy the best ball in the city. It takes a lot of time to build the exact doll-house you have aimed for. All that fancy furniture, decorations, and details, but once you’ve finished, it makes you feel on top of the SERP, khm, of the world.

Your doll-house looks just to your liking and you have the best ball ever. Your product, software works for you. That is yours. You can do anything you want with that, you can sugarize your ball and have as many candies from yard-boys as you wish or you can monetize it and your product will pay off because your parents invested in it.

The doll-house is now the most secure house on the street and every girl books a place in your house for her doll, because they know their dolls will be safe. And you know they will be safe because you care about the security of your products. Any malicious attacks from cats or other girls and boys can be prevented.

You need to move away from canned solutions because they don’t allow to have full access to the product. Now, you have a whole street of clients who make offers about your doll-house, they rent rooms and they ask you to add new features to them. You, as an owner, can do that. You’re no longer digesting built-in features of your friend’s product because you’re running your own SEO platform.

Here is the thing, to make your house fully customizable you might need some rare counterparts. All these parts are in the shop for doll-houses. These are APIs, raw data, solutions that you can purchase to build your SEO software around.

Here at DataForSEO we provide well-rounded solutions for decision-makers just like you

The difference between an already existing platform and APIs solutions is that you just buy data for creating your own SEO platform. And, when you have it, you can either sell it or use it for your own internal purposes. You can get traffic to your website by blogging, advertising, linking, etc. You can also sell your own SEO products to users and you’re controlling the process comprehensively.

Here is the good thing about having control of your product. When Google changes its algorithm, you can do nothing about it if you are using commercial software. However, if you use the tailor-made software, you know exactly what happened and how you are going to solve it. You are more responsible for your business but you can give more to your customers and you decide what to do.


As the complexity of your company’s business operations increases, it’s better to use custom software. Many businesses start out with off-the-shelf software, but as the business grows they need to switch to using a customized software as it helps to run the processes at the much better quality. When all the features and made for you, it will help you to increase your productivity.

As a software owner you have a product that is customizable, adjustable and unlimited in receiving or adding data. You get exactly what you pay for.

You have your team of developers. They are working for you and are ready to satisfy your whims or the whims of your customers. Now, if you’re using the tailor-made software, you have more chances to outperform your competitors if they are using off-the-shelf software.

At last, you can cut expenses by combining these two off-the-shelf software and custom software to have cheaper, more efficient and more profitable SEO software business.

George Svash

George is the Director of Content Marketing at DataForSEO, an API suite designed to help SEO software companies and agencies gather the SEO data they need for their projects. George is a tech and marketing geek with a deep passion for Big Data and SEO. Having a broad experience in content marketing and a degree in engineering, he is particularly good at explaining complex concepts.

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