Live SERP API: Real-Time Results With No Delays

Live SERP API: Real-Time Results With No Delays

So finally, we are introducing a long-awaited Live SERP API. Below, we’ll do a quick hit on what it is, how you can use it and how it’s different from the conventional SERP API.

How do you get it?

Live SERP API is already up and running. You can use it with the following endpoint:

The request structure is identical to that of the SERP API. Here’s an example of the POST request working with Live SERP API:

Request Sample
            "post ID 1":
					"loc_name_canonical":"London,England,United Kingdom",
					"key":"winery tour"

Now, you can try it out with your own parameters. Learn how to properly set task using the rules described in our documentation.

However, note that Live SERP API is not yet available within the DataForSEO Sandbox.

Obtaining Results

The results automatically flow with real-time SERP information – you don’t need to send a separate GET request in order to collect the needed data. The mechanism is similar to that of the Keyword Data API’s Live Data functionality.

Unlike the standard SERP API, its Live version returns results almost immediately. This speed, however, comes with a price: Live SERP API will cost you 5 credits per SERP.

      • 1 credit per SERP in the standard queue and 2 credits per SERP in the high-priority queue
      • Takes up to 20 minutes in the standard queue and 1 minute in the high-priority queue
  • Live_SERP_API
      • 5 credits per SERP
      • Takes less than 20 seconds.

Use Cases

Use cases for Live SERP API are limited only by your imagination. However, you may consider a few obvious implications.

1Real-time results feature for a rank tracking tool. Plenty of DataForSEO customers are making good use out of SERP API. With Live SERP API, however, you can provide real-time results to your customers, which can become a game-changer in winning the competition and delivering even more value to clients. Having SERPs in real time, you don’t have to use pingbacks or postbacks, so it’s a win-win for both your clients and your development team.

2Lazy registration and lead generation. You can simplify the registration process and attract more customers by providing the rank tracking feature from within the main page of your website. Alternatively, you can provide users with limited results (Top 10, for example) without requiring them to register and lock up the rest of the results behind the registration wall.

3Boosting the speed of complex SEO software solutions. If you have a complex SEO tool that uses several DataForSEO APIs, odds are that it takes some time to provide a final result. By reducing the results delivery time for the core API in your system, you boost the speed of the entire platform. Given that it can take up to 20 minutes to fetch results from the standard SERP API queue, the change will be significant.

Bring a new life to your SEO tool

Whether you want to improve your rank tracking tool, or build a new one from scratch – Live SERP API can provide great opportunities to any SEO software project. So why don’t you give it a try right now?

George Svash

George is the Director of Content Marketing at DataForSEO, an API suite designed to help SEO software companies and agencies gather the SEO data they need for their projects. George is a tech and marketing geek with a deep passion for Big Data and SEO. Having a broad experience in content marketing and a degree in engineering, he is particularly good at explaining complex concepts.

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