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Access Yelp via API

By using the Yelp API, one can access business listings and their associated details by searching for specific keywords and locations on the website. The API also allows users to retrieve feedback data for any business. Utilizing the API to gather publicly available information can quickly enhance a business’s visibility on the platform.

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Yelp Searches

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Yelp Reviews

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Yelp Search

The Yelp Search endpoint provides a comprehensive list of business profiles. The results returned by this endpoint are tailored to the specific keyword provided. Each business profile listed comes with its rating, number of reviews, and website link. The API is useful for business owners seeking to improve their visibility and rank on Yelp, which can help attract potential customers.

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Business Data Yelp Search
Yelp API

Yelp Reviews

DataForSEO’s Yelp API offers the chance to extract review-related data from the platform and seamlessly integrate it into your application. This includes the review content itself – encompassing text, images, and ratings – as well as the exact time of publication and comprehensive details about the reviewer’s profile. By leveraging Yelp reviews data, review management solutions can enhance their capabilities and broaden their range of services.

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