How to build a grid-based rank tracker for Google Maps?

A new approach to local rank tracking based on analyzing search results from multiple geocoordinate-specific locations is very popular among local SEO software vendors. Here at DataForSEO, we are always staying up to date with the latest industry trends.

To help you develop a grid-based rank tracker hassle-free, we have designed our SERP API to supply geocoordinate-precise data. You can specify GPS coordinates of a location for which SERP results will be retrieved.

How the grid-based rank tracking works with DataForSEO Google Maps API?

In order to build a grid-based rank tracker for Google Maps, you need to develop a grid-based system and integrate some Maps interface on your side.

To integrate our Google Maps API which will deliver search results from multiple locations, you’d need to configure your system to make several concurrent or sequential calls to our API.

Setting one task to Google Maps SERP API with “location_coordinate”, you can receive data for only one specified coordinate on the Map. In order to receive data for 9 coordinates, you should send a POST call containing 9 tasks, and so on.

Note that you can send up to 2000 API calls per minute, with each POST call containing no more than 100 tasks. Contact us if you would like to raise the limit.

Example case

To produce one 7×7 scan like the one on the screenshot below, you’d need to set 49 tasks to Google Maps API with the same “keyword” and other parameters, yet using different geographic coordinates.
local falcon grid rank
Make sure you accurately configure the “location_coordinate” parameter according to the location points on your map and according to the following format – “latitude,longitude,zoom”

If “zoom” is not specified, 17z will be applied as a default value.
The maximum number of decimal digits for “latitude” and “longitude”: 7
The minimum value for “zoom”: 3z
The maximum value for “zoom”: 21z

Here’s an example of how your POST request body should be structured.

Request example:


        "language_code": "en",
        "location_coordinate": "40.689199,-73.975035",
        "keyword": "car rental"

The response from DataForSEO Google Maps API will supply you with rankings, reviews rating and count, domain, address, place ID, and other information about the businesses listed organically or on a paid basis.

Make sure to properly configure how your system should handle the results we deliver so that each point on your map displays the data for its coordinates.

Learn more about DataForSEO Google Maps SERP API parameters in our docs >>

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