What countries and locations does SERP API support?

SERP API works with a variety of search engines. Supported locations and languages vary according to the selected search engine.

For Google SERP API, we use Google Geographical Targeting for defining locations. In other words, Google SERP API supports all locations supported by Google. Besides, we provide SERP results data based on GPS coordinates.

For Bing, Yahoo, and Baidu, you can also set any language and location supported by the corresponding search engine.

Note that the only language supported in the Baidu search engine is Chinese (Simplified). However, Baidu may as well return results for queries in other languages, so specifying a keyword in Chinese is not mandatory

Naver search results do not vary by location and language, and the search parameters for this search engine do not contain language and location variables. However, you can specify a keyword in any language, and the search engine results may vary depending on the language you used for specifying the search query.

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