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Common questions about Databases

In what formats are your databases available?

Depending on the database type, you can choose between two formats in which we will deliver the data to you. Our Keywords Database and Regular SERP Database are available in JSON and CSV.

However, if you would like to purchase an Advanced SERP Database or a Domains Database, we offer these databases in JSON format only.

Could you add a country that you currently don’t have?

We are constantly working towards improving our service and we take customer requests very seriously. We will be adding more countries in the near future, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line and tell us what regions you would like us to support.

How often do you update the databases?

Keyword Database
We’re continuously adding new keywords to our database, and we’re updating keyword data gradually in the second part of each month (due to Google Ads’ update cycle). You can find the table with the dates of the latest updates per country and language on the Keyword Database page.

SERP Database
We have several update cycles for SERP data that depend on the search volume of the query and the popularity of the location. We’re doing our best to provide you with fresh data for high-volume searches from the most popular locations, e.g. the USA, within 30 days.

When it comes to the combinations of less popular locations with high-volume queries or less popular queries from in-demand locations, we’re updating relevant SERPs within 60 days. SERPs related to the least popular queries and locations are updated within 90 days.

You can review the update cycles for all supported countries and languages in the table on the SERP Database page.

Domains Database
In our Domains Database, we’re updating Whois records for the domains with upcoming or unavailable expiration dates every 30 days. Besides that, every 30 days we’re also updating all metrics for all domains.

How fast will I get the database after making a purchase?

It largely depends on the size of the database. When the collection process of an order is completed and the database is ready for download/transfer, we will shortly notify you via email. Contact us to learn more about database delivery times.

Do I get the updates for free if I purchase a database?

If your project requires up-to-date data, you should additionally purchase database updates. We can, however, provide you with monthly updates for 50% of the database’s regular price.

To provide you with updated databases, we collect new keywords, SERPs, domains, and metrics, as well as refresh the existing data. In essence, each update takes roughly the same resources as collecting a new database would. Given this, if you need a fresh database at some point, you need to purchase it again.

Do you offer any discounts for database updates?

As we’ve already mentioned, we are open to giving you a serious deal on regular monthly updates – you can get fresh data with a 50% off discount from the standard price.

Apart from the 50% discount on monthly updates, we have special prices for our high-volume customers. Drop us a line to negotiate a price.

Can you send a database to my storage?

Yes, we can deliver the database straight where you need it.

We can also send you an updated database every month to Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Azure Blob, Elasticsearch, Google Big Query, or any other storage or database.

Contact us to learn more.