Do you crawl JavaScript (JS) websites?

JavaScript expands website functionality, enabling website owners to implement various interactive elements and create rich user interfaces. That’s why it is so popular and used on 97,6% of all websites on the web. Given the widespread use of the code, any modern on-page audit tool should be able to execute JavaScript and analyze JS content.

The tools powered by DataForSEO On-Page API v3 can do it.

Answering the question from the title — yes, our bot can crawl JavaScript websites. We integrated the Chromium project library, which makes our crawler a close imitation of Google. We regularly update the Chrome Version used for rendering to the latest available.

To crawl JavaScript, add the enable_javascript field to the On-Page API Task POST body and set it to true. That will instruct our crawler to execute JavaScript when it’s spotted on the crawled pages.


    "target": "",
    "max_crawl_pages": 10,
    "enable_javascript": true

Note: when enable_javascript is set to true, additional charges apply.

Learn more about the cost of tasks with this parameter in this help article.

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